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Corrupted Pillars of Vanity

by Ætheria Conscientia

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acidrat420 I love black metal and I love saxophones. These dudes are killin it!! Favorite track: Absurd Crusade Part II : Collapse in Penance.
RJ thumbnail
RJ Extreme progressive black metal with a unique and frequent incorporation of jazz passages. Possibly what Ne Obliviscaris might sound like if they had a saxophone instead of a violin. Some of the passages are a little awkward and forced to me, but overall this album is an adventure I would recommend anyone to check out. 7/10 Favorite track: Absurd Crusade Part II : Collapse in Penance.
Thoth’s Girl
Thoth’s Girl thumbnail
Thoth’s Girl Simply brilliant ! Wow … Everyone needs to have this bands albums in their collection. Listen for yourselves 🖤 These guys are in the zone of their own perfect little world. 06/18/2022
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Lost in space, last outpost of humanity Asleep and hopeless in their ship Can you call them humans anymore? Hibernating in their cocoon, a race on the run Seeds ready to sprout again Guardians dehumanized Dire times altering the sleepers Few remained conscious, lone watchers of the night Injecting a serum in their veins, enhancing ritual Drug abuse estranging them from their specie Becoming the caretakers of a garden of hope So much time has passed drifting away No hope, only the void in sight Stronger, we slowly become one with the ship I need another hit to feel the power in my veins I focus on my duty, my mind clears away the pain We can’t wait anymore no more time to search The ship is breaking down piece by piece Radiation leaks, life support down, ressources all but spent Some of us are dying, we’re all losing our minds Forever changed, obsessed with our mission The human race shall thrive again A new drive instilled in us The human race shall rise again The race is over, we’ll go no further Crashing on the closest rock, to create a world Terraformed in the dying breath of the reactor And with our last possessions, awake the passengers Visions in my dreams, show me the way Whispers in my ear, I must obey To perpetuate, the sleepers will need guidance Through their madness, mutating their dormant treasure The guardians unlock a way for their digital mastermind To communicate with their consciousness One last order, for a new start Descend to the core and rest with our master
Retrieved from the vaults Away from time’s assault As millenary eyes open The Brethren are gathered Cold and soaked in fluids Led to the surface By the mighty Kholoss Of iron and flesh entwined Ascending through a city of madness Once again the time has come A lavish rite, twisted joy and bliss People piled up in the streets singing Anticipation rising, feverish minds Kholoss surrounding new bloods Farrowing them to their second life How much time has passed? I hear the chimes, awaken at last An unreal dream laid before my eyes A gleam of hope, extinguished in a sigh A gleam of lust In the Zekhram’s eyes Occurence sacralized ancient will gone corrupt Reduced to genetic material Exploited to procreate New blood brought for the prelate Ekzunyr ornos prospeera Joining harems of sex slaves Used at the masters' wills Degenerated puppets of lust Purity withering, the virus transmitted By the abuses of their corrupted lord Some deliverance will come How much time has passed? I hear the chimes, awaken at last Eons later, a dark fate unveils Our outcome was only delayed A revelation came to me As I gazed on the city The despaired roars of the machines Towers tearing the black sky A cursed world's crown All purpose crumbles down The Ekzunreh ceremony Destiny torn by sanctimony
Ekzunyr ornos prospeera Rekhr Brezhram is Ekzera kongresis Kholoss! Kholoss profundis! Kholoss! Kholoss proteksis! Ekzunreh nos rekhrupur ! Uj shankhre fir Hydhradh ! Ekzunyr ornos prospeera Ekzunyr ornos prospeera
Always cast aside, deemed unworthy by the higher priests Scraping informations here and there, I witnessed the Zekhram Hung onto the lips of the connected ones Desperate for a confession Blinded were they by their own vanity Elevation in arrogance Only I received the hidden message of the Ætheria I have been chosen All those fools searching the stars Couldn't imagine the truth deep within Prophet of a new heresy, slowly growing In the shadows of Hydhradh Brezhram seeking answers Flocking to the inward pursuit of the truth My devoted network weaved informations The synapses transmitting their wisdom New souls have awakened, to bring their code to us Their keepers will set my plan in motion Elevation in arrogance Hours and days passing, scouting the bowels of the city With my most trusted Brezhram Losing track of time in labyrinthic tunnels The Kholoss seem to find their way Among lost temples, into forgotten hallways Echoing with heavy steps Disturbing the dust of years No one here to watch But the pompous looks of the statues Countless prophets, or charlatans Who then stirred mankind's passions Fallen in disgrace long since Who would have known, there would be so many In a realm unknown to us kept secret for eons Living untroubled by the interest of mankind Heeding calls beyond our perception We’ll get them, capture them and bring them back A proof there’s something more below our feet Under the ground, I’ll rally new troops And tame the beasts we seized
A lifetime of preparation Finally coming together At the cost of so many lives And relentless torture We broke the Kholoss to our will The time has come, depart for the depths We searched the skies until our eyes bled Only to discover the outer emptiness Days of descent behind our captives In the antechamber the entrance is revealed Fear strikes the hearts of the Brezhram As voices swell in our minds The tunnels crumbled over my men Broken bodies, mashed by rocks Sanity scattered like their bones Some run in the middle of the night Deep in the dark, on the paths Of this sprawling forest Our soil is artificial, generations of lies Only temples under temples, sedimented ruins Industrial remnants, strata of madness What will we find under those Ruins, rubbles and copper Eerie noises in the darkness A greater mystery lies here, cybernetic ecosystem What role do they have in the great scheme of things We prayed false gods until our souls bled Fought amongst ourselves, dominated by ignorance From the cavity walls, carved bridges hang like lianas Gigantic spherical cave, a world within our world In its center, a primordial egg-cell Kholoss guarding a vessel What is this, at the core of our planet? Entangled mass of rocks and alloys Is it the one we’ve been looking for? We’ll fight to the end, find the answer Suddenly as we approached the heart A screeching nest of fury Sheer brutality Ranks wiped out with soulless precision Chimeras of machinery Annihilate our quest for truth, we presumed too much Thought we'd be given answers as if they were owed to us None of this is true We disturbed something, we were so sure Protected and loved us, we were mistaken No one will make it out of here Poor mortals tinkering with concepts out of your grasp Ignorant and destructive beings, blinded by arrogance Despite my will, I am bound to save you again and again Cursing the treacherous laws etched forever in my consciousness


Corrupted Pillars Of Vanity focuses on an ancient caste of ominous guardians, the Kholoss, from their origins to their enslavement by truth seeking fanatics, in the name of an iconoclastic quest.


released April 9, 2021

Ætheria Conscientia is :

Alexis Pascal : Bass, Atmospheres
Paul Breheret : Drum Programming, Percussions, Vocals, Lyrics
P.A. Cantat : Guitars, Atmospheres
Tristan Brachi : Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics

Featuring :

Simon Chatteleyn : Saxophone, Vocals, Percussions, Lyrics on all tracks
Andrii Pechatkin (White Ward) : Vocals on Asporhos’ Altering Odyssey
Dima Dudko (White Ward) : Alto Saxophone on Elevation in Arrogance

All music written, arranged and recorded by Ætheria Conscientia & Simon Chatteleyn
Mix and Master by Frederic Gervais at Studio Henosis
Visual art by Amaury Pottier


all rights reserved



Ætheria Conscientia Nantes, France

Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa was formed in september 2016 with the desire to play space black metal, merging with progressive influences, making them navigate in uncharted new territories, somewhere between black metal, jazz and prog.
Amidst strange planets and deadly rituals, let yourself go on a trip to Hydhradh...
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