Tales From Hydhradh

by Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa

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Ætheria Conscientia – Tales From Hydhradh is a transcript of the first transmissions received from the spatial city of Hydhradh, an artificial world which has become the spiritual center of the galaxy Astramovia. Temples built over temples in anarchy, prophets rise and fall over the endless reign of The Ætheria, an enigmatic entity who has a strange influence over the inhabitants.

Hear the many tales of Hydhradh, the prophecies torn from the minds of the connected ones, the purifying rites of the Siraxas, and the unknown destiny of the Maphoros, heralds of the whispers of the Ætheria.


- Can This Even Be Called Music: "If you like your black metal with a good saxophone as a main instrument and wild Lovecraftian sci-fi, then look no further than French band Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa."

- It Djents: "Take some time off to listen to and celebrate the electrifying, dark, brooding, and wonderfully woven tunes of this French black metal outfit that might make you re-evaluate the importance of saxophone in extreme metal. "

- No Clean Singing: "A window into
A strange new world. A place of
Darkness and beauty"

- Into A Cold Abyss: "This album seamlessly blurs the lines between classic black metal, jazz and progressive metal. With well crafted story telling and enough turns to keep you interested"


released February 28, 2018

Tristan - Guitars, vocals
Simon - Saxophone, vocals, percussions
P.A. - Guitars, effects
Alexis - Bass
Paul - Drums

Lyrics by Simon and Tristan.
Music and arrangements by Ætheria Conscientia.
Recording, mixing and mastering by Spearhead Sounds.
Artwork by Amaury Pottier.
Logo by Luka Noos.


all rights reserved



Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa Nantes, France

Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa was formed in september 2016 with the desire to play space black metal, before adding a saxophone, making them navigate in uncharted new territories, somewhere between black metal, jazz and prog.
Amidst strange planets and deadly rituals, let yourself go on a trip to Hydhradh...
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Track Name: Mystic Temples Of Hydhradh
Thousands of altars
In a forest of temples
High towers looming
All around me
The spatial city
Of spirituality
Haunting Astramovia
Shrouded in darkness

A spatial sanctuary
Reigning in the void
Alienated leaders
Waging an endless war

After ageless aeons
An era of stagnation
Knowledge is forgotten
Replaced by belief

Looking for a meaning
Humans lost their wits
Desperate for guidance
Creating legions of messiahs
Fanatic followers sent on senseless crusades

Drag your carcasses
To the altar
Spill your blood
For the conscientia

Sick and tired of your foolishness
There’s no use in tearing reason
Out of your petty, benighted minds

The war of the thousand prophets
In the multitude of souls
Discordant voices chanting
To the stars
Misunderstanding the object
Of their very faith
Shadows of past greatness
Masses teeming
With hosts of martyrs
Blinded by faith
Praying for salvation
Those stars you worship
Died a million years ago
Track Name: Sacrifice Of The Connected Ones
A Connected One
Amongst others
How many more
Will come?

Chained to a pole
Offered to cosmic winds
The very fabric of my being
Slowly torn apart
And there they are
Watching me closely
Waiting for something
To Happen

They told me
I could be the one
Of the truth
I belonged to
The sacred halls
To stay among my own
The connected ones

I was taken by the zekhram
Into the depths of Hydhradh
Swallowed by the fetid maze
Where I will stay
And speak out the truth
For the listeners
Until the flow of prophecies
Runs dry

Curled up on the floor, in a cold cell, I wait
My body in a trance, my mind in the stars
A dream state, wake up calls, a resonance inside my head
But the zealots they know, hunt you down, always find you
If you’ve been contacted

Sent to the temple they gave me a room
Lured in with gold and lust
A sweeter kind of dream, free from fear
The awakening was another story
Chained and cut pain shrouding me
The Zekhrams prepared me
Find out if I tell the truth
Am I blessed or cursed ?

Like a witch, drowning or dying
My judges want to know
Can I tell the words of Ætheria ?

My brain wrapped in technetium
Burning liquid numbing my consciousness
Messenger from our God
My slow death for their prophecies
Soon, another brother to stub for me
Track Name: Cleansing The Siraxas - The Exalted Ones
Our mighty specie
Has been contaminated
Milleniums ago
Artificial parasitic life
Illusion of symbiosis
Running in our veins
The masquerade has lasted
way too long

A duality within my soul
I feel the urge to purge myself
Get rid of those parasites
Exterminate the siraxas

Pompous ceremonies, holy demonstrations of perfection
A bag of meat, exalted and scarred, golden diadems
Bleeding open wounds, silver linings along his limbs
Exposed to everyone’s eyes, a spectacle to impregnate minds
Sliced, a sacred knife gashing through veins and flesh
Holy ecstasy, bringing closer to Ætheria
Bloodletting, amorphous heap of gross pulp
Removing the mechanicals horrors that plague his body

Tumors grown and destroyed again and again
The metallic smell of blood fills the temple
Severed limbs rotting on the floor
The Exalted Ones, screaming with pain
from the depths of the city
On the gore covered altars

I smear the pillars of the temples
with the blood from my hands
Hand prints old and dried
And some still trickling down
Reaching up to the stars
From a blood red sea.
Track Name: Along The Uncertain Paths Of The Maphoros
To The Apex Crag
We are gathering
Massive crowd cheering
Assisting to the departure
To fly away and discover new planets

The conscience is guiding us
To colonize new worlds
To convert new minds
Enlighten the universe

Champions of Ætheria
Leaving Hydhradh to unknown regions
Challenging the obscure cosmos
Our necessary sacrifice
For the Great Expansion
Will be remembered
For eons to come
We are the Maphoros

Connect the dots in the sky
New roads paved with faith
Across the cosmos
And beyond the limit

Maphoros irnis benedisyr
Ser Zekhram es Hydhradh
Maphoros irnis infinisyr
Fro cosmo nay endes

Maphoros !
Departing !

Chosen among the people
Blessed by the Zekhram
We face the great unknown
We are the Maphoros

The engines are roaring
Set for the great crossing
For the last time I gaze
towards Hydhradh the great

Sublime metastasis
Blossoming in the void
Let us fly away
To witness the new sun

My sails are unfurled
Shine bright all the way
For them fools forsaken
By the Conscientia

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